Zane Julien

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Lego Ninjago brings to its audience the most emotional narratives and background stories about their characters. At the beginning, Sensei Wu gets together four teens with personal characteristics that this Master of Kung fu thinks are the perfect ones for the best group of ninjas. They will have the peace of Ninjago in their hands. Zane Julien is one of them, and he has definitely become one of the most loved characters.

The white ninja of ice

His elemental power is ice. It is an advantage in all missions that Zane can create ice or freeze water. His golden weapons are the Shurikens of Ice as well as his Elemental Blade. During the progress of the series, he is able to shoot ice beams, freeze what he wants on contact with them and form his super Snowmobile.

His color is white, and all his clothing will be this color. Although he keeps this color the whole series, his appearance has drastically changed in some episodes. A normal human appearance and a titanium form. In any of them, he has a flattop crew cut hairstyle, but his skin is different. Zane’s titanium form shows a shining metallic skin as a real nindroid.

A special nindroid

It was a very surprising finding for Sensei Wu and even for the same Zane. Different from other robots, Zane has such a good heart because he is a nindroid that was created for being a defense droid. To protect those that cannot protect themselves will always be his main objective.

When Sensei Wu finds him, none of them had idea Zane was a robot. His memory was switched off, but eventually he remembers Dr. Julien. Although Zane is not so good at social skills, this scientist gifted Zane with intelligence and qualities of peace and respect towards others.

Zane’s unforgettable sacrifice

Zane is a character that since the very beginning of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu has had a lot of fans. Moreover, it is incredible how many TV viewers have voted for him as the best character after the episode in which he sacrifices himself. His story is kind of sad and tragic, but it hasn’t impeded to care about his ninja friends.

Zane Julien

In Rebooted, season 3, Zane stands out with a real heroic sacrifice. To destroy the Overlord, he had to blow up with him, and he did it. This TV series has been so successful because it doesn’t give the opportunity to get bored and always surprises you with unexpected scenes!

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