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All the skeletons in general are very similar, they are very far from being considered to have a cute look. Although they are animated skeletons, the artists that designed them did a great job showing they are tough and intimidating characters. The Generals of the army are distinguished for having larger heads and other different details. Wyplash is one of the four Generals of the skeleton army.

The General of Ice

Although he is one of the four Generals, he has a high rank being the second in command. As a General, the army expects a lot from him to succeed when they fight. He is very patient, and his strategy has to do with watching and waiting for the perfect moment to attack. In “Secrets of the Blacksmith”, it is evident he’s been waiting for Kai or Nya for quite a while hidden in the workshop.

He likes to have everything planned, and it is necessary for him to be in control of the situations. There are scenes where he shows how much he dislikes not knowing what is going on. He doesn’t trust anyone. Having cautious movements is one of his main characteristics.

His weapons

He doesn’t wear hard helmets for protection, but a conical hat very similar to Wu’s hat. As it was said before, he has a large head, and he can turn it backwards to see his enemies or anybody approaching.

To attack the enemy, he prefers the Golden Heli-Chains as weapon. These metallic and flying chains are powerful and really dangerous for the enemies. However, at the moment of attacking he uses any weapon.

His appearances

This is not a character with many scenes. In fact, his appearances have been few during the series. He is tough as a general, and his skeletons follow his instructions, but he’s proved to be not so effective. In the episode “Enkrypted”, he appears imprisoned and shows all his hate to ninjas saying they are the responsible ones for putting him in the Kryptarium Prison.

In “Secrets of the Blacksmith”, he is waiting for Nya in the blacksmith workshop with other three skeletons, and all of them are defeated by her.  In “Return to the Fire Temple”, Flame, the dragon, takes Kai and Nya to the Temple to show them a secret entrance to the Underworld. Kai accidentally falls down. Wyplash who is commanding at the moment tells the army to attack, they have to retreat when the dragon spits fire on them.

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