The Stone Army

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Villains in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu have their allies to win victories. Both, the Overlord and Lord Garmadon have found in them the perfect assistants for their evil purposes. The ninjago Stone Army is formed by implacable subservient warriors prepared to obey their orders unquestioningly.

The Overlord and Lord Garmadon’s allies

Both villains have in the Stone army the most loyal evildoers. However, there are certain conditions. The Nindroids and the Stone army were created by the dark force of the Overlord, but different from the Nindroid army, the Stone army obeys the person or entity that wears the Helmet of Shadows.

This army was on the Overlord’s side when he fought against the First Spinjitzu Master in the original battle. Thousands of years later and after several events that take place in the story, the Overlord allies with Lord Garmadon giving him the Helmet of Shadows, so he starts having command over the Stone army.

Their chief commander

General Kozu is not the commander only, but the translator that makes possible the communication between Lord Garmadon and the Stone army. They speak the Boston language, and Lord Garmadon doesn’t understand it. General Kozu speaks both, so apart from being a very strong four-armed commander, he is necessary for the translation.

It could be said that they are the fiercest soldiers in the series. In each episode they appear, the ninjas cannot defeat them totally. In general, all of them are predominantly black with some red accessories such as armors, chest plates, and also conical hats.

However, this army is organized in ranks, and each warrior has special characteristics. General Kozu has the highest rank. Lower ranks are the Giant warrior, warriors, soldiers, and scouts. What all of them have in common is their incredible almost invulnerable power.

More than indestructible

It is very difficult to harm them, they are made of an indestructible material taken from the deepest of the underground. So the hero ninjas have to use all their strategies and intelligence to overpower them. Just when Lloyd finds his true potential and the Golden Power, he will be able to destroy them.

Many scenes of total action can be seen in Lego Ninjago with these warriors. All of their fights are very far from being boring. Their green eyes shine more than ever when they show all their skills fighting as warriors and pilots. Katanas, projectiles, crossbows, catapults, and vehicles are part of the elements they use for battling.

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