The Overlord

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“Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master…” These are the first phrases for the introduction of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, but what it is missing is to say that in the same way there was a creator, a dark force of destruction already existed, the Overlord.

An ancient source of darkness

The Overlord is not an upcoming or new villain, he’s been there since the beginning, even before the two brothers, Garmadon and Wu. In fact, he comes from the ancient source of all darkness. When the First Spinjitzu Master decides to take his own path, and create his own world of Ninjago, then the Overlord emerged to challenge the light.

Have you heard “Not everything is black or white”? Well, it is not certainly true with the Overlord. With him, everything is black, showing no compassion. During the whole series, he is considered the representation of darkness. He is a source of evil and an effective corrupter. Whatever he touches, it turns evil.

Appearances in Lego Ninjago

He is the best manipulating, and he is able to possess bodies. He has appeared in the series in different shapes or forms: a mass of dark fire, an amorphous blob, a shadowy humanoid, just like two red eyes on the screen of a computer, in Garmadon’s body, and what it is thought to be his original form, a demonic black dragon.

Whatever his form is, he is a powerful character engaged in nefarious acts. Although he is not a rather static villain and doesn’t sit up to wait for the results, he has subservient warriors to do all the dirty work he plans. He created these warriors, and they are totally loyal to him.

Creation vs. Destruction

The Overlord is certainly the most powerful entity for destruction, but he has creations of his own as well. The big difference is that all what he creates is for evil purposes. First, the Stone army, he created these indestructible warriors to help him defeat the First Spinjitzu Master. In fact, they were with the Overlord in the original battle.

The Overlord

Later on, he created the Nindroid army to assist him with the idea of conquering Ninjago; besides, the alliance he’s always had with Pythor. This serpentine has always been his ally. It is also believed that the Great Devourer was part of his creation. This snake was the one that bit Garmadon turning his heart evil, and when Lloyd finally defeats the Overlord, Garmadon gets free of its poison.


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