The Nindroids

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There’s no possible doubt that after seven years, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is one of the favorite TV shows for kids, teens and adults. This series has known how to combine the elements of good and evil in a perfect way. Its villains have been ingredients for excitement and real entertainment. From the deep source of darkness, the Overlord is the evil side of Ninjago, and he created the Nindroids to help him.

The Overlord’s team

The Overlord is dark matter that turns evil what he touches; however, he also has his own creations. Different from the Stone and the Skulkin armies, it is the only group of villains who Garmadon doesn’t have any influence on.

The Nindroids are exclusively the Overlord’s team. In spite of being created by him and being produced on a factory line, their design is not inspired by his creativity. Knowing the skills of Zane, he wanted to have many nindroids like him to be his soldiers, so he found out the way to scan him. That way, he could improve the quality of his army.

 A general for the army

In an episode, the Overlord possesses the body of a talented inventor named Cyrus Borg, and that’s how he creates this set of minions in service of his wishes. They are far from having a role of authority because he brings them into existence just for carrying out important work for his evil cause. Nevertheless, the Overlord is not the direct commander.

General Cryptor is the one who leads this army and makes each appearance of these foot soldiers and warriors relevant. General Cryptor is considered one of the toughest commanders and villains in Lego Ninjago. He is respected by the army, so they do all what he tells them.

Special characters

This army of nindroids has special characteristics that make him fearless warriors. They are humanoids and operational robots that can be seen in different episodes fighting against the ninjas and trying to defeat them.

The Nindroids are predominantly black until the sixth season. They are very strong and with an effective technique of martial arts. They have an eye-patch and can fire laser from their eyes. Their capacity for turning invisible makes them really dangerous. With nobody noticing them, they can move around, appear and attack.

The Nindroids

Among them, there are nindroid warriors and nindroid drones that take out their wings flying to attack. A min-nindroid is in the group. He is much smaller than the others; however, his size doesn’t impede his rebellion against General Cryptor’s disdain.

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