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If it is true or not, who knows? But, snakes are usually associated with malice. In fact, these reptiles are portrayed with high frequency as villains in movies, programs, and cartoons. In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, this is not different. Thanks to their teeth, tongue-flicking and their mastery at manipulation and trickery, they are the first villains of the series, especially in the first three seasons.

Their history

Although there is a tribe whose general has a legless body, in general the Serpentine is a group of reptilian humanoids that speak and walk as the rest of the characters. Through a number of flashbacks, it is known that they lived in Ninjago and fought against each other because of power.

Humans also inhabited Ninjago, and the Serpentine didn’t want to share the city with them. This is the only thing all the tribes agreed, so they joined together and teamed up for the first war between the Serpentine and humans.

Five Serpentine tribes

Eventually, humans had the victory and locked the five tribes in separate tombs. Garmadon, Wu, and the Elemental Masters succeeded with a different flute tune for each tribe. It took forty years for the Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Venomari, Constrictai, and Anacondrai to see each other again.

Being a mischievous boy then, Lloyd awakened some of the most dangerous tribes thinking they would be in his service. Pythor, the last and only member of the Anacondrai, took the map and continued with his plan of awakening the other tribes to become the king of the Serpentine. They agreed to unleash the Great Devourer to revenge on humans.

The Serpentine Generals

Pythor organized the biggest battle ever with all Serpentine Generals. He was the winner and had to be recognized as the King.  The Hypnobrai are blue, and they hypnotize people. If somebody looks into their eyes while rattling their tails, they control their minds.

The Anacondrai are purple with the power of invisibility. When they were locked inside, just the strongest could survive eating the others. Pythor was the survivor. The Constrictai are black and orange. They are very strong and have large spikes along their heads and backs.

The Venomari are green cobras with such a toxic venom that people hallucinate when it is spit into the eyes. The Fangpyre are red and white, and some of the generals have two heads. The power of this tribe is to turn anything into snakes. They give people or objects the immediate appearance of a snake.

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