Sensei Wu

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No doubt Lego Ninjago is one of the Cartoon Network series that has captivated its audience for quite a long time. The reason? It works because the characters at the center of the story have one thing in common: own compelling stories told in a funny way.

Sensei Wu is part of this great story that has conflicts, and challenges that build up the necessary suspense and excitement to keep kids, teens, and families amused and laughing.

A key role

He is Lord Garmadon’s brother, but different from him, Wu didn’t doubt whose side he should be on.

He assumed the responsibility of collecting the four weapons used by the First Spinjitzu Master to create Ninjago. At the beginning, four ninjas are the ones chosen to do it, and Sensei Wu is their trainer in order to help them reach their full potential.

He is also the wise voice that always reminds them to be prepared in case Lord Garmadon returns to get the golden weapons.

He is full of wise quotes and sayings about life. Sensei Wu is a mentor and a father to them. Their moments together are also plenty of emotion and good jokes.

Sensei Wu’s appearance

From the very first moment you see Sensei Wu, you know that he is going to have a very important role in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

The story begins with Sensei Wu present, and his appearance evokes a wise master of Kung fu. An old man with long white moustache and goatee beard that match his white Kung fu uniform.

However, Wu is a very dynamic character that goes through different situations. His appearance has shown this. At the beginning of the story, he looks like a real traditional old Kung fu master.

Deep in the story, the Overlord assimilates him, and his appearance changes from being lovable and peaceful to one of metallic aspect, red eyes, and black moustache, beard, arms and legs.

Forward and Reversal Time Blade

Seasons 8 and 9 of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu are full of action and adventure, but also science and fantasy. Aging backwards drastically is the only way Nya finds to save Sensei Wu.

After being struck by the Forward Blade Time, he starts getting old so fast that it is obvious he will die very soon.

Nya uses the Reversal Time Blade to restore his age, but a baby was the result. Baby Wu starts growing again, and all the team takes care of him until he becomes his old self again. His white beard and experience come back again to help the ninjas with their mission.


He recruited four young men and trained them in the art of Spinjitzu


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