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Most of the mastermind villains cannot do both things, to plan their evil strategies and execute them at the same time. In Lego Ninjago, villains’ creative strength is evident in each episode. They know that to jump in without a plan could be a total chaos, so a loyal chief henchman is totally necessary. The intimidating Samukai helps the evil forces to succeed in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

The ruler of the Underworld

Lego ninjago Samukai was once the ruler of the Underworld, he led attacks with his Skeleton army and controlled the power there. It was this way until Lord Garmadon defeated him and took it over. As Samukai was defeated in combat, he didn’t have much to do, so they dedicated to cause trouble, and seek the Golden weapons together.

It seemed convenient for a while, but eventually Samukai didn’t want to work for someone else anymore. He wanted to stop carrying out Garmadon’s orders. Moreover, he wanted to have the control again of the Underworld. He betrays Garmadon, thinking he could get all the power of the four weapons at once.

Leader of the Skulkin army

Although he was not the ruler of the Underworld anymore, he continued being the commander of the Skulkin army. Knowing that the army is and will be on his side, he makes an attempt to make it stronger. When everybody thinks that Dr. Julien passed away, the audience finds out through a flashback scene the recount of an interesting event.

Back in time, lego ninjago samukai was the one who resurrected Dr. Julien with a potion. He did this because he wanted him to build powerful weapons and vehicles for his skeleton army. But he refused, so Samukai locked him in a lighthouse far from Ninjago to force Dr. Julien to do what he told him.

A dangerous skulkin leader

Samukai is a four-time scary skeleton with his four arms and knives. No feelings, no compassion, and no empathy are some of the characteristics that make him such a ruthless and feared opponent. In the hunt for the Golden weapons, confrontations and attacks take place constantly.


He doesn’t give up on the idea of wearing the Helmet of Shadows and rule the Underworld again. So he makes everything possible to get his goal soon. “The last voyage, Way of the ninja, The Golden weapon, and King of shadows” among others are episodes where his participation proves that.

He is finally defeated and destroyed by the four weapons. In his attempt to betray Lord Garmadon and have the total power of the Golden weapons, he is overwhelmed by their combined power instead.

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