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There aren’t any irrelevant characters in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. All of them have something to add to the variety of scenes that keep kids interested. Ronin’s appearances in Lego Ninjago started in season 5, and with each of them he has brought pure action. He will show his incredible fighting skills and his abilities with weapons.

No elemental power

Different from the ninjas, Ronin ninjago has no elemental power to rely on. He has extraordinary fighting skills, especially using swords. There’s a very exciting fight where he defeats not only the four ninjas, but Sensei Wu and Misako. He seems to be a real master of combat. He is really elusive and usually gets away.


He is a thief that has stolen important things in order to sell them or pay back debts with them.  Ronin stole Master Yang’s Airjitzu scrolls, the Sword of Sanctuary, and he even sold Zane and P.I.X.A.L to Master Chen. All these thefts have a reason. He is in debt with the Soul Archer, and his soul will go to the Cursed Realm if he doesn’t pay him back.

His appearance

His name in Japanese is understood as a “Samurai who serves no master”, and that is exactly what he is, and how he behaves. He works alone, with no groups, just to save his skin. His common outfit is an eye patch, a bandana, and a conical hat.

He likes mechanics, and he is very talented creating devices. Ronin ninjago usually goes to places on his airship R.E.X that he built himself. For detecting the presence of any spirits, a paranormal scanner is strapped to his eye. He’ll also star scenes with mechanical wings, and guns.

Whose side is he on?

It certainly cannot be said that Ronin is a villain neither a hero. He is not moved by power. The only thing that moves him is money, but his love for it has led him several times into big trouble. Wherever a reward is offered, he is there asking what he has to do. If it suits his needs, he will do his best job.

There are plenty of scenes where he is seen helping the ninjas and being his ally. For example, at the battle of Stiix, Ronin helps the ninjas and fight the ghost Army. He also helps Jay in his effort to rescue Nya from Nadakhan before getting married.  This character has definitely his flaws, but eventually he will show on what side he really is.

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