Ray Smith

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It is true that Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu revolves around a group of ninjas that do all their best to keep Ninjago safe and in peace. However, each of these ninjas’ stories adds something fascinating to understand the plot and enjoy it. Every time the audience tunes the channel to watch Lego Ninjago, it starts with a catchy song that names Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, Nya, Lloyd, and Wu. Ray Smith is the father of two of them: Kai and Nya.

A talented blacksmith

Ray Smith is a simple man that makes his living working as a blacksmith. In his workshop, he forges the metal and creates different objects and weapons from wrought iron or steel. With each piece, he has shown he is a very talented blacksmith.


Similar to Dr. Julien and Dr. Cyrus Borg, his talent has made of him someone needed to help dark forces and villains. There are different episodes where villains like the Skulkin or the Time Twins, Acronix and Krux, go to his workshop and threaten Ray or his kids if they don’t do what they say.

A reason for abandoning them

He finds out that he is the Elemental Master of Fire, and his wife’s element is Water. Elements that will be inherited by their kids. Wu proposes to train him as a ninja, but he refuses the idea and prefers to live quietly with his wife Maya and two kids, Kai and Nya.

When Kai and Nya were still kids, their parents abandoned them without being able to explain anything. Krux forced them to leave and work for him. He said that if they didn’t do it, their kids could be physically injured. Kai and Nya grow up having hard feelings towards their parents thinking they were just abandoned.

The Elemental Alliance

Apart from his powerful element, Ray shows to be a skilled fighter. He participated in the Serpentine war where humans resulted triumphant. He was part of the Elemental Alliance, and Ray himself imprisoned the dangerous Anacondrai tribe.

He was given the important responsibility of hiding the map to the Golden Weapons. This is the reason why the Skulkin army goes to his workshop looking for the map. They take it fighting against Kai and Nya. Nya tries to help her brother, but she is kidnapped and taken away by the army.

Eventually, Ray and his wife reunite with their kids, but now their kids are threatened by the Time Twins if they don’t cooperate. All together defeat the twins, and Ray and Maya are finally free.

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