Pythor P. Chumsworth

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Supporting characters come along and contribute to make the story more interesting. In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, it is more than true. None of the characters in this series is irrelevant, and that’s part of its success. Believe or not, Pythor P. Chumsworth is a malevolent snake that has fans that enjoy each of his appearances.

Pythor’s appearances

Pythor’s participation in Lego Ninjago goes beyond simple cameos. In the episode “Never trust a snake”, he shows what you can expect from him in the series. All his actions are definitely done from a villainous view perspective, and they will influence the main characters, affecting the course of events in some way.

The Pythor is the last member of his tribe, the Anacondrai. He is the most feared snake and has a clear goal: to be the king of all the snake tribes. Once he gets this, he unleashes the most ruthless aggressor of the world, the Great Devourer. Moreover, he also becomes the Overlord’s ally, and together form a real evil duo. The Overlord trusts Pythor’s ability for developing evil plans.

The king of snakes

The Lloyd of the beginning of the story, that naive and mischievous boy, is the one who sets Pythor free after a long time. When he realizes that Lloyd has the map to find all the other tribes and tombs, tells him that he would be eternally in his service. His only intention was to take the map.

Once he has it, he finds the lost city of Ouroboros. There, he organizes the biggest fight ever, challenging the four tribe generals in order to have their allegiance. He wins, so he asks them to bow to their master. One of Pythor’s characteristics is his cleverness in planning how to trick others more than being a skilled fighter.

His villanious acts

He is the villain star of season 1, later on he disappears in a total self-contradictory scene. The Great Devourer, the giant snake that he himself unleashed, eats him soon after. When the ninjas and Lord Garmadon destroys it, Pythor comes back to action.  He appears with a significant change in appearance. His regular purple skin and black markings are now white and purple.


He is the last remaining Anacondrai because he ate all the others during the time they were locked. Pythor helped Lloyd to attack his previous school and terrorize villagers. He could steal the four weapons, and as he wanted the Fangblades as well, a plan of different traps for the ninjas is put into action.

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