Nya Smith

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Whether you like Legos or not, for sure you’ll like Lego Ninjago. It came out in 2011 to become one of the most popular TV shows. All characters are awesome with strong backstories that have kept its audience glued to TV for years. Nya Smith is the only female among the main characters. Girl power! Nobody can underestimate her because she will hook TV viewers with some unexpected plot twists.

Kai’s sister

Nya is Kai’s sister. Although, she is younger than Kai, she is a very determined and fearless girl. She shows that at the very beginning of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu in the pilot episode when the Skulkin army starts attacking their workshop. Kai asks her to stay out of sight, but she starts fighting the skeletons, too.

She is the reason why Kai reluctantly accepted to become a ninja. Carrying out Lord Garmadon’s orders, Samukai kidnapped Nya, so Kai accepted Sensei Wu’s proposal to train him to be a ninja and get his sister back. Once the ninjas rescue her, she joins on the quest to protect Ninjago.

A Samurai or a Ninja?

Nya is the only girl in the group. She feels she is loved by the team and very well welcomed, but she is not taken into account for the missions. She always asks Sensei Wu, but the only answer is that she has to be patient. She wants to help and have a more active participation, so she finds out a way to do it.

People in Ninjago start being protected by a Samurai. The Samurai’s identity is a total mystery even for the ninjas that eventually find out that Nya is the Samurai X. She starts helping them with her high-tech Samurai, but later on she will have her own elemental power becoming a real ninja.

The elemental power of Water

Now being a teen and the Water ninja, she looks different. She is still pretty with a girlish style, but her look with short black hair and thick blunt bangs was changed by long hair in a ponytail, and a beauty mark on her right cheek. Jay and Cole cannot avoid having feelings for her. It is a difficult situation for her to be involved in this love triangle, and she tries to end it keeping both ninjas’ friendship.

It turns out she has her mother’s elemental power: Water. Once she knows it, she starts working on it unlocking her true potential. She is of great help defeating The Preeminent and the Ghost Warriors with her Water Trapping and Tidal Wave Generation. She shows how good she is at generating, pushing and pulling great amount of water.

Other main ninjas

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