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The Skulkin army has been present in Lego Ninjago since the pilot episodes. They have been enemies along all the series, giving exciting scenes of battles, but also fun. Nuckal is one of its members, and a side character that helps to carry the story. However, his lack of good sense and concentration make him a scatterbrained skeleton that steals the scenes. No doubt he is one of the kids’ favorite bad guys.

The General of Lightning

In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, the Skeleton army has four Generals commanding all the skeleton warriors. During Samukai’s leadership, Nuckal is in charge of the lightning skeletons. He directly commands them. Being the General of Lightning, he leads battles striking his opponents down with his lightning-fast skills.

Nuckal is in total service of Samukai and assists him since the beginning in the quest for the Golden Weapons. He has participation in all battles against the ninjas. In search of the map, he went with Samukai and some lightning skeletons to the blacksmith workshop. He is also seen in the episode “The Golden Weapon” accompanying Samukai to get the Scythe of Quakes.

He is part of Samukai’s forces in other expeditions, too. He participates in “King of Shadows, Weapons of Destiny, and The New Masters of Spinjitzu” among other episodes.

A peculiar look

He has a very peculiar look. As the General of Lightning, the spikes over his shoulders are blue. He has a metal patch on his right eye, and he is the only one with a row of head spikes. He usually uses the Silver Dark Blade as his weapon. It is a powerful sword used only by the most dangerous skeletons.

The funny scenes with him are not quite spontaneous, he is not funny because he wants to, but his foolishness and childish behavior make him quarrel with Kruncha all the time. He dislikes being bored, so he enjoys finding trouble and causing chaos.

Kruncha’s best friend

Although they are two opposites, they have a close friendship in the series. Nuckal is really hyperactive, and Kruncha has a very cautious behavior. These two Generals have a high commitment with their roles, but it is inevitable that what they do together most of the time ends in crazy scenes.

They sometimes behave like a foolish duo creating scenes of fantastic comedy. Being substitutes at Darkley’s School for Bad Boys, going to take the weapons to the monastery, going to the Yang Tavern, and even being imprisoned in Kryptarium prison are some of the things they have done together.

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