Don’t spend more time trying to figure out what action figures your kids like. If they usually pretend Kung Fu combat stances, kicks and jumps, it is easy to say that Ninjago characters must be the favorite.

The biggest toy company

LEGO is one the world’s biggest toy companies and brings all its Ninjango:Masters of Spinjitzu toy line to Amazon. The best action sequences and fight scenes can be played with the Masters of Ninjago collectible figures with movable articulations. Online toy searches usually begin and end on Amazon because of its potential of playthings.

There is no best way of inspiring kids to create their own Ninjago stories and scenarios that with these ninjago sets . No doubt these Lego characters are on the top of the most popular toys for little kids, but also teens and adults.

Building kits

LEGO has managed to be the most outstanding toy company with the creation of action figures, TV shows and even films. Its amazing world is characterized because it allows kids to build structures on their own time and on their own way. It is not just stacking or interlocking pieces, it is creating and building their minds.

It is astonishing the variety of challenging Ninjago sets and the amount of pieces they have. In fact, the playsets become cool projects that keep little ones engaged. Parents and grandparents can help with this challenging project, and you won’t be sure who will enjoy it most.

More than eight hundred pieces

There are challenging and fun ninjago sets with different characteristics. Depending on the ages and the amount of time that your kid can spend on a task, Amazon is full of choices. You have a wide range of playsets with specific features that can make your choice easier.

Your kid can show all the creativity with the LEGO Ninjago Movie Lightning Jet. This is an exciting set of 876 pieces where the blue ninja Jay is in charge of the action. Airplanes and an army with rapid-fire six-stud shooters will encourage Ninjago fans to reenact fun scenes of the movie.

If you are looking for a smaller building playset, LEGO Ninjago Movie Spinjitzu Training kit is perfect for practicing the Spinjitzu skills with Kai and Zane. It has only 109 pieces, but comes with 4 silver swords and the minifigures of the two ninjas.

Another highly recommended alternative is the Ninja Nightcrawler. If your kid is between the ages of 9 and 14, this building toy of 552 pieces is fantastic. He will have a blast not only building it, but raising the guns and shooting real legos. It is so easy to switch from speed mode to attack mode. The three minifigures of Lloyd, Nya and Ultra Violet are there to be the protagonists of an incredible fight on the go.

An amazing Ninjago city

Just pull the ripcord for more action. You definitely have to consider the Spinner Master Spinjitzu among the options. It is Jay’s lightning-fast and amazing spinner. After putting all the pieces together, you are ready to start the fun. It is very easy to assemble and super fun.

If all the described sets are not enough, you will be wonderstruck with the 4867 pieces in the LEGO Ninjago City Kit. It is a huge set that captures the real look of Ninjago city. It has a modular design of three towers with elevators that can take any of the sixteen minifigures from top to bottom.

All the specific details are amazing and make it an unbeatable deal. Kids and adults will love this ninjago sets. You will feel you are in the actual Ninjago world. Join the people that think this is one of the best Lego sets they have ever seen.