When kids put on costumes, their brains go beyond the simple joy of dressing up. Roleplaying benefits children in many ways. The opportunity to imitate their favorite heroes’ actions, feelings and words leads them to a world of exploration and full imagination. Ninjago characters have been a hit as toys, TV series, movies and also costumes.

Being part of the LEGO Ninjago team

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is a successful running show. TV viewers have found good entertainment in a group of unique ninjas. Although kids can be Ninjago fans, they usually have a favorite ninja. Kay, Zane, Cole, Jay, Lloyd Garmadon and Nya are the main characters of this amazing world.

It is definitely not the same to connect dressing up to emotions. When kids have to wear predetermined costumes for whatever reason, it doesn’t let their imagination take over in the same way. You can see limitless creativity in their pretend play instead. There is a big difference when they wear costumes to become one of the masters of Spinjitzu and take an active role in the team.

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu on Amazon

If Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is the option they want to role-play, you can find the loveliest outfits on Amazon. Their beautiful designs are great and made of kid friendly material. Imagination needs comfortable costumes that come with all the necessary pieces.

Amazon offers children the opportunity to transform into any of the protagonists of the TV show. From fictional characters to real ones, your kids will be martial arts masters. You can get any of the ninjas’ costumes in just a few days.

It is not necessary to head off to a store to find Ninjago costumes. Some clicks on Amazon and you can select the type of costume you want in good price range. Do a quick search or take your time and look through the entire Amazon site with your kid. You can be sure you will find all sorts of complete costumes, individual costume pieces, accessories and more.

Costumes for little and big kids

You can find LEGO mini figure costumes of the six ninjas. Your kid can become into Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, Nya or Lloyd. From sizes 4 to 8, you can create a perfect ninja look with pants, Lego hands and the mask of the Ninjago character that you choose.

Sizes fit kids well and generally give them some extra room to feel comfortable with the Kung Fu stances and the true martial arts power. The gloves are perfect to complete the costume and look like the real LEGO characters’ hands. The eye area of the mask is covered by a semitransparent mesh to see through it.

For Halloween, a birthday party or any other event, these costumes will mean imaginative play. Your kid will receive tons of compliments. If you decide to make the costume and want to give it the perfect look with the mask, they are available and you can buy them separately, too.

A real ninja after the shower

The amazing ninjas of Ninjago are also ready to keep their little fans warm. LEGO Ninjago hooded bathrobes are not costumes, but a great fashion accessory that makes kids look like walking LEGO ninjas. Kids love wearing them to stay warm after a shower or bath as well as for pretend play.

It will be difficult not to have kids wearing the bathrobes around the house or wanting them at bedtime. The material they are made of is so soft that children feel warm and comfy. For your kids or a gift, these plush bathrobes are fantastic products to buy.