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Just action and adventure? Not at all! Lego Ninjago is much more than that. His formula to have addicted TV viewers is to give them action, comedy, fantasy, and heroes. All these have let this series be one of the most viewed TV shows on Cartoon Network. Nadakhan is an example of this. He is a type of genie that will easily generate more interest in the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu story.

Good or evil?

Djinns are referred as free will spirits, and they can be either good or evil just like humans. The big difference with Nadakhan is that he seems to be pleased being cruel and selfish. He enjoys twisting good wishes into something different and bad for the wishers, and at the end he traps them inside the lamp with the third wish.


His appearance doesn’t make him look like a good genie at all. He has a ponytail, long eyebrows, and a sinister facial expression. He has four arms, and one of them has a hook instead of a hand inspiring fear.

Main Characters

Here you have the rest of the main characters of the series

From Djinjago

He is originally from Djinjago, in fact he was the prince of that place. In the story he is now a villain and the captain of the Sky Pirates. He is the last djinn after the destruction of Djinjago. Things were not quite good with his father, and Nadakhan was forbidden to return home.

After this event, he becomes a pirate. His abilities and personality were welcomed by the Sky Pirates, and soon they were the most feared pirates. He thought there were no opponents for him; however, Captain Soto was a surprise for him. Nadakhan confronted him and ended trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn.

In the Teapot of Tyrahn

In spite of being so mean and cruel, he shows to have feelings when he found out that his realm collapsed. He sees his father again and is given the Djinn Blade to revenge on ninja because of the destruction. So he became an enemy of the ninjas.


He fell in love with a member of his crew named Dilara that died after some events. When he sees Nya, he immediately thinks she is Dilara’s reincarnation, so he decides to marry her. Of course, he can do this only forcing Nya.

The Teapot of Tyrahn has been his home several times. First, trapped by Captain Soto and then freed by Clouse. He uses it to trap Clouse, Wu and Misako, but at the very end he’s trapped again in it as a result of Jay’s wishes.

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