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The plot of Lego Ninjago includes villains that add conflict, adventures, and some more complex situations where hidden learning will be inevitable. Morro is a character that adds depth to the story. Most of fans believe that he is the best villain in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. His arrogance and obsession were his worst inner enemies.

The destined ninja

There’s no doubt that despite he was a mischievous boy at the beginning of the story, everybody loves Lloyd. Every time is easier to see his attributes to have been chosen as the Green Ninja. But Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane are not the only ones who in a moment wished to be the Green Ninja, Morro felt the same.

To get an insight into Morro’s reasons to hate Lloyd in that way, there’s an episode in which Sensei Wu tells them the story about Morro. Around a campfire, all ninjas listen attentively to him. Morro was Sensei Wu’s first student, and he showed spectacular abilities. There was a moment in his life when he was totally convinced he would be the destined ninja.

The difference was the acceptance and understanding that destiny had this role for another ninja. When Morro saw that the four golden weapons didn’t respond to him, he didn’t accept it, challenging destiny. Sensei Wu said he couldn’t continue teaching somebody that didn’t listen.

Morro’s elemental power

Sensei Wu blames himself sometimes because he feels that maybe he made Morro feel he would be the chosen one. For Wu, it was totally amazing to see that Morro was the Elemental Master of Wind. He saw him controlling the wind, and creating powerful air currents.

Apart from that, he had extraordinary qualities for fighting, and he trained and did all requested exercises without complaining. However, Wu saw a lot of arrogance and a kind of insane obsession, so he doubted about Morro and the prophecy. But it was not Wu’s decision. The weapons didn’t react, and destiny had spoken.  Morro decided to leave Sensei Wu’s care and became a real villain.

A powerful villain

Totally obsessed, Morro started a quest to the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, but unfortunately he had an accident and died in the attempt. When Garmadon opens the portal to the Cursed Realm, Morro’s spirit escapes and makes his way to Ninjago to show his hate.

He defeats the ninjas with his power of wind. He represents a powerful and almost impossible rival to defeat. Later, his harm is even worse when he possesses Lloyd. At the end, he is tired of fighting and recognizes his confusions and mistakes. He  gives Wu the Crystal to bring back Lloyd. He could have wiped out the ninjas, but helped them instead.

Main Characters

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