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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, without a doubt, is a story that revolves around four ninjas and a Master of Kung fu that are totally committed to protecting Ninjago. However, it is clear that they are not isolated characters, they have family, friends, mentors and even rivals that directly affect what they are. Misako is a character of interest because of her impact on Lego Ninjago’s main characters.

Lloyd’s mother

Misako ninjago is Lord Garmadon’s wife. Although she was in a love triangle with Garmadon and his brother Wu when they were young, she decided to marry Garmadon and start with him a life. Without knowing, they had a son that would be the Green Ninja named in the prophecy of their ancestors.

She goes through very hard moments like witnessing how her husband was possessed by evil forces.

In spite of having her reasons, Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon, her son has a deep resentment towards her. Once she finds out about the legacy of the Green Ninja, she leaves her son at Darkley’s Boarding School for bad Boys to dedicate herself to investigate the prophecy and be able to help her son. But what Lloyd felt was a feeling of utter abandonment.

Main Characters

Here you have the rest of the main characters of the series

An expert archaeologist

The Ninjago Museum of History is the place where she works.

Misako ninjago knows everything about Ninjago and is totally acquainted with its mythology. She guides them in knowledge about the devastating abilities as well as the weaknesses of the enemies they plan to face.

She also tells them how to reach hidden places they have to find like the Temple of Light, for example.

A real ninjas’ ally

She starts making an effort of approximation having a deep conversation with Lloyd. She explains to him that she wanted to find a way to avoid the battle between father and son.  With the joy of rebuilding the relationship with her son, she offers the ninjas all her expertise and knowledge about Ninjago.

She becomes an ally for the cause. From season 5 on, she takes an active role as Nya’s mentor. Her objective and daily purpose is to help Nya to unlock her true potential. A nice and close bond starts between them.

Misako is of great support for Lloyd in those moments when he hesitates about fighting his father or when Lloyd was injured after the Overlord’s attack. With her ability to fight, she also helps them in some battles. Misako is an incredible agile woman and an action mom that contributes with the story in a nice way.

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