Master Chen

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The group of bad guys in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu are not just jealous hearts or minds that want power, they are very intelligent and real masters at manipulation. Besides, their skills of martial arts fighting are very effective. As the Lego Ninjago theme song says: Jump, kick, whip around, and spin would be more than necessary for our ninjas to defeat these villains. Watch out ninjas! Master Chen is a very deceitful character.

A master of martial arts

He certainly doesn’t have any natural power, but he could use the technique so well that he became a Master. He was Clouse and Garmadon’s mentor. But apart from teaching them how to be good at fighting, he also filled them with negative feelings and emotions. Jealousy, cheating, and betrayal were part of them.

He makes them break their friendship when he praises Garmadon for cheating and winning a duel to become Master Chen’s right hand. Loyalty is not a value for him, so he makes Garmadon betrays his brother Wu intercepting a love letter from Wu to Misako.

Main Characters

Here you have the rest of the main characters of the series

The symbol of the Anacondrai

Chen has a chain of noodle houses that are famous, but his real objective is to help the Serpentine to conquer the world. He is kind of an eccentric leader of the Anacondrai Cultists. He has a sinister look with an Anacondrai skull on his head and a purple snake around it.

After he was exiled, he created his criminal empire becoming a real villain. He is so pleased when he gets what he wants that shows it with a maniacal laugh. Although he is pure evil, his childish personality, the tone of his voice, and the way he laughs are really funny.

The Tournament of Elements

Master Chen is such a deceitful character. He has an indignant displeasure for not having natural elemental powers, so he made everybody participate in a big Tournament of Elements with the only purpose of stealing all the powers, what in fact he did. He created then one of the most powerful armies, the Anacondrai warriors.

Master Chen

Having the power of all the elements, he became an extreme dangerous enemy. With his art of manipulation, he makes Kai bring Lloyd for a battle that he called the final round. It was really impressive. There’s no way that Lloyd can defeat him, Master Chen successfully avoids each single attack. He definitely deserves his place in the villainy exhibit of the museum.

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