Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

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Since the very first episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, an important prophecy is revealed through the reading of an ancient scroll. It was written in the ancient language of the ninjas’ ancestors, but Zane understands it. He tells the others about a destined Green Ninja that will arise above the others to lead and defeat the Dark Lord. That’s him, Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon.

The chosen one

As the episodes carry on, Lego Ninjago tells the story of Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane; however, after reading the prophecy these four ninjas constantly wonder who the destined ninja is. They all say they want to be the chosen one. Funny scenes take place all the time each of them tries to prove their abilities to be the Green Ninja.


It is very far from their thoughts believing that the mischievous boy of season one could possibly be the chosen leader for such an important mission. On the contrary, knowing he is the son of Lord Garmadon, Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon makes an attempt of following his father’s footsteps and be a despicable villain.

A bedtime story

At the beginning of the story, this naive boy dedicates all his time to awaken all the dark forces he could. He believed they would be in his service. He wanted them to help him to take revenge on the school that kicked him out. Teasing others, and stealing candies is part of his life.

Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane tired of the mess that Lloyd usually causes, take him to their headquarters. There, reading a bedtime story for him, his uncle Sensei Wu makes him feel so good and comfortable that Lloyd surrenders to him as the nice and innocent boy that he still is.

This wise master takes advantage of the situation, and teaches the ninjas that the best way to defeat your enemy is to make him your friend.

The legendary green ninja

The ninjas accept him, and as soon as they know that Lloyd is the legendary Green Ninja, they start training him, making his power develop and progress continuously. Each season is an opportunity to watch Lloyd grow and become a true leader. The son of Garmadon changed his ways to assume the role that destiny was giving to him.

He will get to be the most skilled ninja, and he will be able to use all the powers combined. The four elements: earth, fire, ice, and lightning make him powerful, but living with his uncle, ninja friends, his mother and eventually his father will help him to manifest his strength, bravery, and leadership.

Main Characters

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