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One of the greatest things about Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is that fantasy is the normal thing. In this Lego animated show what is normal in biology or real life doesn’t apply. That’s how you see skeletons going and coming, and in this case being part of the villains in the story. The Skulkin is a group of moving bones that also brings a lot of fun to the series. Kruncha and Nuckal will have many funny scenes.

The General of Earth

Although they are very far from being the Elemental Masters, each General has an element, and his shoulder guards have the color that represents that element. Kruncha is the General of Earth, so his color is black.

He goes through different roles in the story. He is a General and second in command while Samukai is the leader. Kruncha enjoys to give orders shouting with his harsh and gravelly voice. When Samukai dies, he becomes the new king of the Underworld for a while. At the end, he leaves the Underworld and is seen in Ninjago trying to adapt to the common activities, even taking different jobs.

His description

Kruncha is one of the skeletons with more appearances. He is present in the pilot episodes, mini-movies, and several episodes in different seasons. As a common characteristic of the Generals of the Skeleton army, he has a large head. As a personal feature, he has a missing tooth. He wears a body armor with heavy shoulder pads and a dark gray helmet.

No doubt he is very disciplined and takes seriously his role as a General; however, he is not a character with good humor and seems to have a bad attitude all the time. He is easily exasperated.

A duo of special skeletons

More than being skeletons of the same army, Kruncha and Nuckal are such close friends. They do almost all activities together, and they have very funny moments when they start blaming each other when things don’t work out for them. Their friendship is all a comical contrast. On one hand, Kruncha is so serious and tough, and on the other Nuckal has a total childish behavior.

Both have attempted to do things, but most of the time they fail. For example, the time they go together to the monastery where the ninjas live and train. While the ninjas are sleeping, Kruncha and Nuckal steal the four weapons. The result? Powerful tornados and electrifying power that they cannot control, so they just put them back.

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