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In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, one of the worst enemies of light and peace is the Skeleton Army. From the Underworld, these skeletons come to attack whoever get in their way of their plans to have the Golden Weapons. This army is formed by skeletons with different characteristics, but just one in common: wickedness. Krazi is a very peculiar member of this army.

A skeleton of lightning

Ninjago was created with the four main elements, and lightning is one of them. Different from ninja Jay, Krazi uses lightning for evil purposes. He is empowered and energized with electricity and uses it in different ways to attack. Despite he is not a ninja, he has developed a fantastic technique to spin in a fast and frightening tornado.

As a Skulkin warrior, he obeys his commander Samukai and will assist him to claim the weapons.  In spite of his loyalty to Samukai, this commander avoids using Krazi’s help all the time. Krazi sounds alike “crazy”, and that’s how he behaves sometimes. His commander has seen him doing some mad things that considers too insane.

A clownish look

With the makeup on his face and a red and blue jester’s hat, he immediately evokes a joker or a clown. But his expression and attitude is very far from being one; he is always making trouble. When Krazi appears on the scene, you can immediately expect bad things to happen.

It is true that he dislikes being serious, but his sense of humor is not precisely fun. Screaming, running, smashing mountains, and even biting trees without any specific reason are some of the unexplainable actions that he does.

A real warrior

His direct commander is Nuckal, the General of Lightning. Krazi and the other members of the lightning skeletons obey his orders. On their motorbikes, they went to the blacksmith workshop on the mission of looking for the map to the Golden weapons. They find it and kidnapped Nya, taking her away with them.

He is a fierce warrior, and it is seen when he participates in battles. Fighting the Serpentine, he shows how good he is taking orders in combat. He acts quickly and has real speedy reactions.  In all his battles, he always has his powerful Golden Bone.

He also fights Jay at Ed and Edna’s junkyard where he is crushed by a giant magnet. If he is dead or in the Kryptarium Prison is something that next seasons will answer.

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