Kai Smith

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it is true that Lego Ninjago is one of the series that has received more positive reception. Fans and critics have liked each season and follow all the characters through all of them. Fine for all ages, and developing stories that the whole family can enjoy together, it is definitely one of the best TV shows. Kai Smith has been part of the main characters of the story since season one.

A character of fire

Although the series centers around a group of fantastic ninjas, no doubt Kai is a very significant one. What his name means is a true description of what he is. Different translations are given to the name “Kai” such as fire, strong, even victorious. That’s what Sensei Wu saw in him when asked him to become a ninja.

Through the story, you see how this character goes from being a blacksmith to the Fire ninja. He has the element of Fire, and he uses it as his element of power. It took time to know and master all he could do. Episode after episode, Kai progresses mastering his ability to create and control fire, but also his heat resistance.

Main Characters

Here you have the rest of the main characters of the series

An impetuous personality

Nine seasons to see how Kai grows and understand why he undoubtedly has one of the great personalities of the group. It doesn’t matter the scene, this ninja is always ready to protect his friends, family, and town in a fiercely way.

His impetuous and quick-tempered nature sometimes make him look selfish or impulsive; however, it is impossible not to like him when it is evident that the source of this attitude is a genuine feeling of love and extreme protection towards the group.

At the beginning of the story you see a reluctant boy to become a ninja, and only his love for his sister Nya makes him change his mind. From that moment on, Kai is a committed ninja that starts training and wants to perfect one of the most powerful techniques in Spinjitzu, the Tornado of Creation.

The red ninja

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu would not be the same without this red ninja. He wears a red Kung fu uniform and has a unique messy spiky hairstyle. As a ninja, he is extremely good at fighting with the Katana. This Ninjago sword contents a great power.


If Fire is the coolest element or not, it is what he inherited to combine with his sense of justice, the golden sword, his dragon, and his ninja friends to embark on the most exciting adventures. From season one to nine, nothing will stop him from protecting Ninjago town.

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