Jay Walker

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The concept of Martial arts has always been a favorite theme, and Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu brings it to all audiences. Kung fu ninjas are the stars of this series and entertain countless of children. A notable ninja in the arena of Lego Ninjago is without a doubt Jay Walker. To grab your remote and watch all Jay’s actions will be real minutes of fun.

A talented ninja

It is no surprise that this talented ninja could be the favorite character of many TV viewers. One of his main characteristics is his sense of humor. In tense and stressful situations, Jay doesn’t stop talking, and his tone of voice is perfect to create nice scenes using comedy. Soon, laughters are up there, and kids love that. Besides, he likes Kai’s sis Nya, and there are also funny scenes about this because of his shyness or jealousy.


Since the very first chapters in season 1, he shows he is a real tech savvy with his incredible abilities in engineering. He designed a special defense system for the ship they used as headquarters, apart from many other interesting devices.

A powerful element

An important element for fighting against the Serpentine and the Stone Army is Lightning. It is one of the four elements, and in combination with the Nunchucks, Jay’s energy is one of the most powerful elements to face the evil forces. His Nunchucks are one of the four golden weapons.

Generating and manipulating electricity will be so easy for Jay once he gets his true potential. Along different episodes, you can see Jay using his element. When Cole is hypnotized by Hypnobrai, Jay tries to break it with an orb of electricity. In other opportunities, he has overcharged light bulbs or overloaded electrical devices. Being naughty, Jay has also had fun controlling Zane, having him do all the chores for him.

The blue ninja

His ninja’s costume is blue, and of course all his clothing is the same color. Despite all ninjas dream about being the chosen green ninja, he likes what he can do being the blue ninja. With dark brown hair and short shaggy hairstyle, this young and freckled boy shows his frequent facial expressions of panic or humor.

Although he has a clear tendency to overdramatize when he is nervous, at the very moment he transforms into the blue ninja his bravery is there to help his ninja friends. All the characters have important and strong characteristics, but Jay is really valuable for the team. It’s not only his powerful element, but his good heart, and a great ability to respond quickly and effectively.

Main Characters

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