General Kozu

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No man is an island; each of us needs people around in our lives. Villain characters need the same thing. No doubt that General Kozu is worthy of mention. He is not considered the most dangerous villain, but he is one of the loyal henchmen of the Overlord, the worst enemy ever in Ninjago. In each episode in which Kozu appears, his close relationship with the Overlord and Garmadon is shown.

A personal translator

The Overlord created a group of indestructible warriors that he knew would be loyal. They speak their own language among them, one known as the Boston Warrior language. When Lord Garmadon takes control of the Underworld, he couldn’t communicate with this army because of their different languages.

General Kozu

Knowing to speak the Boston language and English, ninjago General Kozu was his personal translator. So he expressed thoughts and ideas both ways. He is a respected commander by those of his own kind. He was made of an indestructible material with a red armor; besides, no doubt his number of arms give him a clear advantage in using swords when fighting, standing out as a warrior.

Revived by the Great Devourer

They were already present in that original battle. Since then, he showed his total loyalty to the Overlord and fought for him in the frontline. They couldn’t against the powers of the First Spinjitzu Master and were buried.

In Lego Ninjago, there is no rest for the Ninjas. When one enemy is destroyed, another revives. For a long time, General Kozu and his army were sealed in an underground tomb. When the Great Devourer was destroyed, its venom seeped the tomb falling on their bodies and revived them.

Main Characters

Here you have the rest of the main characters of the series

Where is General Kozu?

After this reawakening, his abilities for combat were intact. he the was ready for powerful attacks, especially with Butterfly swords. They had intense battles against the Serpentines and also the ninjas on the Dark Island and Ninjago.

ninjago kozu will always be in service of who is wearing the Helmet of Shadows. First, the Overlord, and when they emerged from the tomb, they served Lord Garmadon who was wearing it. Then, against his will, he would be forced to betray the Overlord when Dareth took control of the helmet.

Nobody has a clue where General Kozu is. Nobody knows if he is hidden or he is gone, but he did disappear when the Overlord was defeated. So with his vanishing, doors have been opened to possible next appearances in the series. Who knows?

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