General Cryptor

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There is a special place for villains in the museum of Ninjago. This hall was created to exhibit the statues of all those villains who have a story to tell, but also to show who the ninjas have had to fight with. There, all the inhabitants of Ninjago can see the statue of the ninjago General Cryptor. This character is in the list of bad guys. In each of his appearances, you become more and more convinced that he has no true good side.

A dark nindroid

Light and dark, synonym of Zane and Cryptor. Both of them are nindroids. In fact, Zane’s design inspired the creation of Cryptor, but with a total different purpose. While Zane recognizes that his main purpose is to protect those who cannot protect themselves, Cryptor doesn’t feel pity for anybody.

General Cryptor

The only important thing for him is to accomplish what he has been asked to. In spite of being an evildoer, he is not the mastermind. The Overlord created him, so General Cryptor is a helping hand to do the dirty work. For example, attacking Lord Garmadon’s Monastery and leading attacks on the ninjas and the Serpentines are some of his acts.

Advanced tehcnology

As a unique feature, all the members of the Nindroid army have one eye covered up, but the other eye functions as a destructive laser. With his intense red eye, General Cryptor looks like a real warrior that inspires fear.

Cryptor was given certain characteristics such as strength and speed that make him a very difficult opponent to defeat. For his evil purposes, he has a cool cloak that lets him be invisible and move without being noticed. He is really good at using katanas and has a special chest armor.

A big General

Although the Overlord created the Nindroid army, General Cryptor is the one who leads them directly. As the commander of this army, he behaves in a very tough way. He is a bad boss, and none of the nindroids is allowed to rebel because he is stronger and more powerful than any of them. A laser fired from his eye, and blast!

Being loyal to its creator, the Nindorid army is on the Overlord’s side all the time.  General Cryptor commanded all the army and fought with energy to avoid that the digital Overlord would be erased. The Overlord and Cryptor’s end occurred at the same time. When the Overlord was finally defeated, Cryptor suddenly broke into pieces.

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