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Due to the fact that the Skeleton Army is formed by dead characters, they are kind of indestructible. In some battles, it can be seen how their bony parts split apart and then join back together again. There are skeletons more aggressive in temperament than others. Frakjaw has a fearless nature that makes him be one of the toughest skeletons in the army.

A warrior of fire

This skeletal being known as Frakjaw is part of the Skeleton army and is a warrior of fire. He wears a red belt and armor. His armor has the skulkin symbol on it.  The spikes over his shoulders are also red representing the color of fire. Frakjaw has been there where he is required. For most of his attacks, he uses the Golden Battle Mace, a chain that swings a powerful ball that can be very destructive.

Despite he has no many appearances in the series, he has shown different outfits depending on the mission he is in. As a common look, he wears a conical hat and the basic armor, but when Frakjaw becomes the pilot of the skeleton helicopter, he puts on a black sturdy helmet and his goggles.

Obeying Samukai and Lord Garmadon

In spite of having four Generals, the Skulkin army follows Samukai’s instructions and orders. In a time, this leader was the only one, but then he had to share the command with Lord Garmadon.  Frakjaw has been one of the members that has assisted both.

After being sent to the Underworld, he was recruited by the Skulkin. First, he helped fighting the ninjas with the clear objective of getting the Golden weapons. He also helped Lord Garmadon to fight the Serpentine. And when Frakjaw and Krazi knew that Samukai’s spirit had been freed, they immediately began a journey to find him and team up again.

His personality

Although Krazi seems to be his only real friend, Frakjaw likes chatting and doesn’t stop talking. His excessive talking is so exasperating that in case of a punishment for any member of the army, there is no a better one than being assigned to stay next to Frakjaw.

Since the pilot episodes, this warrior of fire has shown that he is prone to violence. At the moment of fighting, his hostility and fiery attitude are more than evident. He also shows passion when he has been asked to test the Skull motorbikes, the skeleton helicopter, the Turbo Shredder, and all the other vehicles of the army.

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