Dr. Julien

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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is one of the favorite TV shows of all time. It definitely sparks children’s imagination with a collection of characters with unique characteristics. Ninjas, snakes, pirates, ghosts, and even scientists like Dr. Julien are stars of the scenes that take place in Lego Ninjago. This is something that all TV viewers love, the variety and wide range of topics inside the same story.

His most beloved creation

Since episode one, the story revolves around four very well-known characters, the ninjas. With their funny experiences and moments, Kai, Cole, Jay and Zane start getting the audience’s attention and love. Because of his characteristics, no doubt Zane is one of the favorite ninjas.

Dr. Julien

This is not only for the audience, but for his creator in the story. While the story goes on, different gadgets are known as Dr. Julien’s creations, but Zane is his most beloved invention.  Although he created a nindroid, their relation is as deep as a real one between a father and a son.

This is so true that when Dr. Julien is dying, he doesn’t want Zane to feel sad, so he decides to switch off his memory to erase any painful moment. But the thing is that he also forgets his past and keeps on his days thinking he is an orphan.

Some other inventions

It is a surprise for Zane, Sensei Wu, and even for the audience to find out that Zane is a nindroid. Dr. Julien was a genius, and he was able to create a special nindroid giving him unique traits. The most important one is the capacity of caring for others.

Apart from Zane, he was the inventor of the Falcon that is a robot bird, and two guardian robots that he named Tai-D and Echo Zane. He created the Juggernaut, too. It is an impressive protector robot with two cannons. Later on, he also built a Power driller for Cole.

A lighthouse prison

He created Tai-D and Echo Zane to feel company in the lighthouse where he was imprisoned by the cruel Samukai. Dr. Julien died, and Samukai knowing about his talent, revived him. Samukai’s purpose was that Dr. Julien built up weapons and vehicles for the Skulkin army.

When Dr. Julien refused to do it, Samukai forced him taking him away and saying he would not see Zane again. With no more options, he had to do what Samukai had asked him.

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