Cyrus Borg

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Technology and robotics are also present in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The incredible ninjas and their fighting techniques are accompanied by diverse characters with unique talents. Since season 3, Dr. Cyrus Borg brings to the story all his talent in technology. He is a very active character whose world revolves around science from season 3 to 7. Good and evil forces will take advantage of this.

A genius

The character shows a scientist in wheelchair with an extraordinary talent. Dr. Cyrus Borg is a tech savvy and expert in robotics. He has invented a variety of gadgets that gives Lego Ninjago a futuristic aspect of modern inventions. Different electronic gadgets and even a time machine are part of his creations.

That’s why this series is everybody’s favorite show. It combines elements of mythological characteristics and very advanced ones in a perfect way in the story. You sometimes can see the ninjas on their dragons or using the innovative vehicles that Dr. Borg has built for them.

P.I.X.A.L. is one of his greatest inventions. He created this female android to be his assistant, and they have a very special bond between them.

A good guy turned into villain

Not every good guy in a TV show stays good forever, sometimes they turn into super villains becoming just the opposite. In Cyrus Borg’s case, this happens, but totally against his will. It certainly is a twist in the story of Lego Ninjago, but it is not a permanent change.

Knowing Cyrus Borg’s talent in robotics, the Overlord possesses him, taking control of his body and all his knowledge. This way, being turned to the dark side, a whole army is created in Borg Industries to be the Overlord’s soldiers. The Nindroids are subservient characters that will help the Overlord with his ambition of being the one and only Master in Ninjago and the world.

Head of Borg Industries

He is such a genius that has his own place for creating and building up a great variety of machines. Some for good actions, and others for evil purposes when he has been kidnapped and forced like in the episode “Pause and effect” in season 7. His skills and creativity are always of immense interest to both sides: right and wrong.

Cyrus Borg

Borg Industries or Borg Tower is transformed into Emperor Garmadon’s headquarters. After the city’s liberation, it becomes a place for good inventions again. Dr. Cyrus Borg helps to rebuild Ninjago and transforms it into a new technological city.

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