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Getting ready for a new season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is knowing that new actions and adventures will be enjoyed. The plot of the story is so cool that catches the attention of kids and teens immediately. Since season 1 to 9, Kai, Zane, Jay and Cole have been main characters that have surprised with their individual stories, but also as a team. This group of ninjas is committed to save the world from the evil Lord Garmadon.

From a dancer to a great ninja

All the characters have interesting and moving stories. Cole has a very deep sadness because he didn’t do what his father wanted for him, to be a dancer like him. In fact, Cole was sent to an arts school, but the Marty Oppenheimer School of performing Arts was not enough for him. It was not what he wanted.

Along the episodes, his characteristics as a ninja and the possibility of being dead will make his father accept what he is and be proud of Cole. Cole fades away as a ghost, but this happens briefly. Having been saved from possible death, he continues being the great ninja and leader he has always been for the team.

The black ninja

Being physical and mentally strong is precisely one of the best Cole’s attributes. This black ninja is a very strong boy that created a special bond with his ninja friends, but especially with Sensei Wu. He felt a great connection since the very moment they met each other up high on the mountain when Cole was trying to run away from home.

One of the meanings of his name is “warrior”, and he always behaves like one. His elemental power is Earth, one of the four main elements of Ninjago. He can generate and control rocks, dust, amounts of earth and even create earthquakes. He is also able to turn his arms completely rock solid.

His golden weapons

He usually stays focused and remains calm during the missions, but when his strength is required he is there with his elemental power, his blade, and golden weapons. He has the powerful Scythe of Quakes and in last seasons the War hammer.

The Scythe of Quakes will transform into the Tread Assault in just some seconds. It is a black and gold all-terrain vehicle that has a powerful cannon in its front. All ninjas work together and care about each other. Cole is on a quest with his ninja friends to defeat evil forces in spite of the risks.

Main Characters

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