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There are different armies of villains in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The Stone Army, the Nindroid Army, and the Skulkin or Skeleton Army are formed by those characters that support the main villains and help them get their evil goals. Chopov is one of the skeleton warriors of the Skulkin. He is part of the troop. He has skills and engineering talent that make him very valuable to this army.

A skeleton of earth

He is a warrior that has been in almost all the missions that have been carried out by the army. Helping Samukai against the ninjas and assisting Lord Garmadon fight the Serpentine are part of his most important appearances. However, he is noticed in all the group shots in the TV series.

As a skeleton of earth, he obeys one of the meanest Generals of the Skeleton army: the General of Earth, Kruncha. In most of his appearances in the series, he wears a black military helmet. His favorite weapon is the Golden Dark Blade. He is all a master swordsman with this powerful blade.

The Chief mechanic

Although he is a skeleton warrior, and he has shown his loyalty to the army, fighting is not what he enjoys. In fact, rule-following is difficult for him, and he is sometimes very disobedient. He is the chief mechanic of the army.

In spite of being a skeleton of earth and being tough like a rock, it doesn’t stop him from dreaming. More than being a warrior what he enjoys is his work as a mechanic. He is in charge of doing the preventive maintenance of the vehicles of the army to keep them running well.

What he really wants is to create and design the vehicles for the Skulkin; however, Bonezai is the skeleton in charge of this task. Chopov uses the Skull motorbike with his built-in catapult. The speed that this motorcycle can reach is perfect for using in battles or quick escapes.

Not real friends

He shares with Bonezai the passion for creating the most abominable Skulkin vehicles. Both like mechanics and hate bad drivers, flat tires, and when vehicles are damaged. However, this is not something that makes Bonezai happy.

After creating the Skull motorbike, Bonezai shows his consternation and distress when Chopov redesigns it, proving he is really good with vehicles. In fact, Chopov has thought in several opportunities that if Bonezai is captured, then he can become the only in charge of the Skulkin vehicles.

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