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In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, villains are very well organized. Apart from their skills, the Skulkin army has ranks. The Generals have the highest ranks, and the troopers follow the instructions of their Generals. The reason why these bad guys are such strong opponents is because apart from their fighting skills, all of them are equipped with armors, weapons and potent vehicles. Bonezai is the member of the army in charge of the vehicles.

A warrior of ice

He is part of the skeletons of ice, and his commander is the General of Ice Wyplash. The spikes over his shoulders, his belt and armor are white, representing the color of ice.  As a way of attacking, he strikes chills direct into the hearts of his opponents. His ability is so strong that he can even freeze shadows.

His eyes are one of his particular features. He has crossed eyes, and they are intensely red. He doesn’t wear any kind of hats, and apart from his freezing ability against his opponents, he uses the Golden Pick Axe as a weapon.

His passion for creating vehicles

Bonezai is the skeleton that designs the villainous vehicles of the army. He shares the passion for inventing and using tech with other characters of the series. Dr. Julien, Dr. Cyrus Borg, Jay, and even Nya are among them.

The skeletons are ready for the maximum power that an engine could put out. This is the way how these characters can come in or leave the Underworld. The speed is necessary for both actions: opening the special portal and taking them really fast to the zone they plan to attack.

The Skulkin vehicles

For thousands of years, Bonezai has been a master of vehicles. But his designs are definitely something out of this world as the same Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series is. The most common vehicles used for the attacks are the Skull Motorbikes. They have a skull motif on the front and a built-in-catapult. Similar to the Turbo Shredder, these vehicles were created for extreme speed and acceleration.

The Skull Truck is the largest of the vehicles. It looks really creepy with its monster face, red eyes and big and moving jaws in the front of the vehicle. The truck has enough room and is capable of transporting many skeletons. If the army needs to carry large loads, then they use the Skulkin Cart. It has strange and frightening torches, and it has to be moved by the Skulkin members.

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